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A harrowing yet beautiful read - have the tissues at the ready!

308 pages



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308 pages

A classic read for everyone’s reading den, The Ginger Tree is an unexpected gem that literally stopped us in our tracks! Why have we never heard of this unsung hero? 


Set in the early 20th century, The Ginger Tree is a beautifully written story about Mary, a young naive Scottish girl who finds herself journeying alone to Asia to marry Richard Collingsworth, an army officer attached to Peking. Although in a totally alien culture, she ends up falling in love with her new life in Asia as well as a Japanese Count.


The consequences of her relationships have major repercussions on her life, which together with harsh times in Japan leave her isolated and ostracised by her British compatriots and betrayed by her adopted country. 


Through the format of a notebook and letters, Mary presents both the everyday mundane routines of her life with as much passion as the wonders of falling in love.  


This book is so moving - Mary never gives up hope or blames Japan for the harshness it throws at her.  You are totally drawn into her world and the great enjoyment from this book is that you can empathise with both Mary’s initial naivety and her eventual strength and dignity.


It’s harrowing and beautiful - have the tissues at the ready!

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