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ICE Breakers


Book Of The MOMENT

All the characters have their flaws – what did you like and dislike about each? Were you able to find empathy with all of them?

This was a time of huge disempowerment of women. What does this novel tell us about being a woman at this time?

Iris is very determined that her role as Louis's model must be one of a business transaction so as not to ruin her reputation – do you think she achieves this, especially as her relationship with him develops?

Does this novel feel Dickensian to you?

As Iris’s world expands, she becomes imprisoned. What message is this conveying?

Every character has a physical defect – what do you think Macneal is trying to tell us?



Throughout the story, Mary Mackenzie remains positive and has an amazing ability to survive – how do you think she is able to do this and did you find her likeable?  Do you think Mary is a strong character?

Could you relate to the depths Mary’s friends and relatives outcast her from their community and took everything away from her?

Could you feel any empathy for Count Kurihama?

Did the book enlighten you about the wars from Japan’s point of view and the 1923 Tokyo earthquake?

How did you find the style of writing as diary entries?

How far were you moved by the story’s ending?



Was this an 'alien read' for you and your book club and how did the author manage to capture your attention? 

'Hilarious', 'Wonderfully funny' quote the critics. Humour is a key driver, setting the pace and bringing the reader down to earth. What were your favourite episodes in the novel?

Is The Humans a book of two halves? Which half did you prefer and why?

Did you empathise with the alien? Do you ever feel 'alien'?

What other fictional characters does the abducted 'Andrew Martin' remind you of? (Eleanor in Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine, Don from The Rosie Project or Never Let Me Go clones)

The novel is full of insights about us. How does this compare to other novels that you have read and other Haig titles (see The Midnight Library reviewed in the Den). 

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