Anne had a successful and vibrant career in a top London PR agency working for the world’s super brands. Open the kitchen cupboard and (as her daughter would say) she’s probably worked for them.  


After hanging up her tools for family life and a better work/life/balance she returned to her love of books -  a past-time that blossomed thanks to her English and Drama degree. 


Jenny is passionate about reading, theatre and cinema. She worked for over twenty five years at the British American Drama Academy and was a Trustee of The Comedy School for 15 years. She lives with her family in South London. 


Jenny read History at Southampton in the mid ‘80s and her taste in reading is truly eclectic!    


Anne and Jenny met at the school gates and before long they founded their first book club with friends in the mid-00ties.   The book club, The First Wednesday Club was born and now nearly 10 years on they realised everyone they knew was in at least one book club.

We know that the best book club reads are often found close to home - but not always available when you need them.   Anne & Jenny realised a virtual ‘word of mouth’ tool was needed for book clubs like themselves and it was definitely time to share their informed insights and the winning formula for the best book club experience. 

What are you reading?  Share your favourite book club reads with Anne & Jenny and become part of the Den's word of mouth here.

For the best book club experience, The Reading Den offers three hand-picked choices each month, our top Den reads (Den's Dozen), our favourite authors and a platform to share your reading ideas with us.  

You can find practical advice for your own club, how to manage the logistics and set up your own Den.


We are your virtual ‘word of mouth’ - so you can enjoy the most from your next read. 

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