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A modern classic
a favourite author

166 pages




Den scores

166 pages

Read McEwan's modern classic for an entertaining book club discussion! Also released as a film in 2018 and streaming on TV.  

A favourite author amongst book clubbers, any McEwan novel is warmly welcomed in the Den but we love his novella On Chesil Beach as it works brilliantly for time-poor book lovers.  

It’s a great taster of his beautiful writing style and a good excuse to mix up book club with a film night in, thanks to the screen adaptation. 


On Chesil Beach is a short intense story of two young lovers on their honeymoon in 1962 - when honeymoons were often a couple’s first sexual experience. As in the case of the McEwan’s characters -  Edward & Florence.   


Set in the early ‘60s in Dorset, the novel unravels the young couple’s own private fears as the wedding night draws closer.   All the excruciating bottled up emotions are poured out and we can feel the awkwardness and anguish for these two intelligent young lovers.  And grateful to be living in a different era!  


You will easily be drawn in to this one! Pleasure to pick up and finish.  


Almost full marks from the book club - 9s and 10s.  

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