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390 pages

Sebastian Faulks is undeniably one of the great British novelist of our time.  So every club should make time to read one of his books.  We chose A Week in December.


A Week in December starts with a guest list for a political dinner party in Notting Hill.  You’ll need to keep track of the characters (of which there are many!).  So, not a book to be read on a Kindle.


The main characters in the novel cross the strata of London life;  from the hedge fund manager, a young lawyer, a Polish footballer, a student strayed by his interest in Islamic fundamentalism, a Tube driver and a young schoolboy hooked on skunk and reality TV. 


We all enjoyed having a ‘cast list’.  Maybe we need this more often?  


Over the next seven days the characters’ lives cross paths and each have their own ticking time bomb to deal with.  


Doesn’t have the magical beauty or emotional pull of Birdsong but it’s still a captivating story of urban London life and a recommended book club read for those who enjoy Sebastian Faulks.

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