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390 pages
Putting some fun back into the bleaker side of science.



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390 pages

Any book by Ian McEwan is worth a read and Solar is no exception.  A dark and funny novel about a philandering physicist who wants to save his marriage and his career. 


It is the year 2000 and the Nobel Prize winner, Michael Beard is looking for his next successful break-through in science.  Ordinarily the subject matter of ‘saving the planet’ and renewable energies might not float your boat or indeed seem a desirable Den read.    But McEwan is as witty as ever and his story-telling in Solar is a delight, his characterisation and comic timing spot on. All round great read. Prepare to gasp!  And snigger… ‘Did that really just happen?’  


Putting some fun and humour back into the bleaker side of science.   Only McEwan could make this worth a read.   Perhaps one of his funniest. Scores 7s and 8s/10.  


Other Ian McEwan favourites Enduring Love, Atonement, Nutshell, Sweet Tooth.  See our recent book club choicesand rev On Chesil Beach and Machines Like Me in the Den's Library. 

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