A one sit Sunday afternoon gem
120 pages


120 pages

Alan Bennett is in our opinion, the master of everyday observations, and renowned for his wit and humour found in so many of his books, plays and theatrical productions. 


The Uncommon Reader is a one sit Sunday afternoon gem!  And with the Royals always in the headlines thanks for Megxit and the popular television series The Crown this book never loses its charm.  


Of course Alan Bennett has captured the Queen in a uniquely different way when she suddenly discovers a love for reading and makes her new found hobby funny without being cruel. 


Who would have thought that the Queen would become such an avid reader as she discovers authors from Nancy Mitford to Brönte and as her sudden enthusiasm for reading starts to interfere with her duties, those around her think she is losing her mind, but at no stage do we feel the Queen is being mocked – an inimitable character study, a pleasure.

The Den also reviewed Talking Heads just as his on-screen monologues were re-imagined for 2020, providing lots of discussion in book club

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