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'hard to believe Sweet Caress was written by a man'




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450 pages

William Boyd is one of our favourite authors - and once again we loved this book.  


In Sweet Caress, the idea of a narrative evolving around a collection of photographs truly captured our imagination and we believed it.  William Boyd uses unconnected photos tracing the 1920s through to 1970s to transport us into his heroine’s world and suddenly we are witnessing Amory Clay’s life unfold.  


It was hard to believe it was fiction.    We see her journey as a female photographer - ballsy, gutsy and carefree she finds herself dodging bullets in WW2 and then back again for more in Vietnam.    Sweet Caress feels so real - expect to be shocked and be ready for some drama.   And a dose of romance or two (or just casual sex).   


You can’t help believing in the characters surrounding her life either and despite Amory’s flaws and erratic behaviour we found total empathy with her.   A strong woman who coped with inevitable ups and downs and total embarrassments. 


The only disappointment, the end - but then again that’s what makes the story of Amory’s life so realistic.


Comments from the Den: “Hard to believe this was written by a man?!” 


The Den has also enjoyed Ordinary Thunderstorms (think Channel 4’s ‘Hunted’) or Any Human Heart.   A top 10 favourite author, William Boyd books are always a reliable read.  Great for book clubs. Also see his latest novel, 'Love Is Blind', now on sale in paperback. 

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