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A Wild Card ‘self help’ book for those seeking ‘ fulfilment, love and success’ written by the youngest dragon in Dragon’s Den, Steven Bartlett.

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248 pages

Written by the youngest dragon, Steven Bartlett (of Dragon's Den), ‘Happy Sexy Millionaire’ is a self help book for those seeking ‘fulfilment, love and success’. It’s written primarily for millennials but it’s also beneficial for those of us who are trying to support and understand our offspring better. Brimming with common sense and a refreshing Wild Card choice for book clubs.

Bartlett introduces himself as ‘a 28 year old, black, insecure, university drop out, from a bankrupt family’. We learn about his early years and then back to his goals that he sets out for himself in his diary aged 18.
“My personal goals
- Technical millionaire by 25
- Range Rover will be my first car
- Hold a long term relationship
- Work on my body image”

This is the starting point which Bartlett then paraphrases ‘to be a very sexy millionaire by 25’. He then goes on to share philosophical insights, truths and advice on how he set out to achieve these goals. Don’t expect the author to divulge how he created his own marketing agency Social Chain. It is more about the ‘mindset’ for being successful and some of the core principles that set Bartlett apart from his competitors.

The Den enjoyed listening to Steven tell his story on audible. As well as understanding young people through their lens and social landscape in which they work and socialise in, the book also inspired readers about ways to stand out in business, what it takes to achieve a competitive edge - such as ‘skill stacking’ and 'invisible consistency’.

Like all good self help books, it makes perfect sense. At the same time he encourages the reader not to equate monetary success with happiness. In pursuit of this he is refreshingly upbeat and optimistic.

Makes an alternative Wild Card choice for book clubs as well as a book you might share with aspiring millennials. Also check out Steven Bartlett's popular podcast 'The diary of a CEO'.

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