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462 pages

Russia has always provided an alluring backdrop for drama, spy thrillers, romance and even politics. 


An award winning favourite in book clubs and our Den's Dozen, A Gentleman in Moscow is Amor Towles's second novel (2017). Whilst fans of the author wait with bated breath for his next novel, 'Lincoln Highway' out this autumn, we can continue to expect interest in A Gentleman in Moscow as Kenneth Branagh is producing and starring in its adaptation.  


Set against the Bolshevik revolt, the lead character Count Alexander is a loveable cultured hero who is condemned for writing a poem that offends the regime.  His punishment as well as house arrest in the luxury hotel where he resides is to take up a staff post. The count is a smooth operator and humbly accepts and handles his new working life with charm, wit and grace. He is the eternal optimist and you just can’t help falling for him.  


It is an epic tale of love and humanity that begins just as the Russian Revolution takes its grip on the capital, passing through the second world war and then on to the Cold War and the Soviet Regime. 


If you want to enjoy Russian history but never quite found the time or energy to read Tolstoy this will transport you back. You just can’t help racing through the short chapters so don’t be put off by the length, because it is a book which will you keep enthralled!


It is definitely a perfect holiday read. One that none of us wanted to put down.   

Bestselling author of Rules Of Civility - also in the Den's library.  


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