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ICE Breakers

A Gentleman in Moscow

Book Of The MOMENT

In what ways has the author made Count Alexander's story of being under house arrest in the same hotel for over 30 years credible?

What did you think about the love interest, and role of women vs men?

An adaptation is underway with Kenneth Branagh at the helm, producing and starring as the lead role, but who would be your Count and why? 

What appealed to you about the writing style?  

Bonus question available from Towles - who in the novel, also appears in Rules Of Civility (his first novel).   


Missed Opportunity 

What is the significance of the 'moon tiger' in this novel?
How important is the title to the storyline?

What qualities do you admire and/or dislike about Claudia? 

Could Claudia enjoy a better life in the 21st century? How would her story be different? 



How important was it for the novel to be written in the first person, as Kathy H?

Dystopian science fiction is back in vogue.  How does the book compare to other books in this genre (1984, Handmaid's Tale, Fahrenheit 451) or film equivalents? 

How important are memories and loss of memories?       
Did you empathise with any of characters and how believable were their relationships?

How does this novel compare to Ishiguru's much loved The Remains of the Day?  Or indeed Klara and the Sun?   

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