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Madeline Miller gives a modern make over to the story of the exiled Goddess Circe and has created an imaginative and spell-binding novel. An exciting retelling of her story.




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352 pages

Circe is an infamous enchantress in Greek mythology, known for her witchcraft and sorcery. And the award winning author, Madeline Miller, gives Circe a modern and empowering voice, resulting in a superb and exciting retelling of the classical Greek legend. 

Circe was the least favoured and peculiar daughter of Helios and the ocean nymph Perse, who is sent to exile on the island of Aiaia by her father for misuse of powers. As gatekeeper of this isolated bolthole Circe begins to hone her skills as a sorceress. Through Miller's hypnotic story-telling style we enjoy Circe's life across the centuries as she takes control of her destiny against the backdrop of Gods, monsters, love and motherhood. Whether you enjoy classics or not, you can't help but find yourself being swept up by this enchanting and magical novel.

Circe may not be as beautiful or powerful in the world of Gods, but her perseverance at witchcraft allows her to carve her own identity. Historically known as the witch who turns sailors into pigs, Miller offers humane reasoning behind these actions allowing the arrival of the Greek hero Odysseus to alter Circe’s life forever. As Circe draws her strength from Aiaia, we come to love and know every inch of the island as intimately as she does.


The Den treasured this spell-binding read and you will surprise yourself and your book club. Several of us have teenagers who also adored the book - and it became a race to the finish line in some households. Even if you don't at first recognise the myths, their familiarity will inevitably resurface in this enthralling modern make over. 


And, if you enjoyed Miller's 'The Song of Achilles', then this novel is a must. Short-listed for Women's Book Prize, 2019. 

Circe is currently being adapted by HBO for television.  

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