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A funny, sad, and highly observant honest memoir
326 pages


326 pages

If you can't get enough of Rupert Everett and have enjoyed his recent and much acclaimed film 'The Happy Prince', then consider one of his memoirs Vanished Years. A wonderful wild card read for book clubs. 


Biographies can sometimes be rather self-congratulatory or rather mundane, but Everett is a fantastic writer. His prose is so elegant and his memoirs include delightful imagery and descriptions so that you almost forget it is a biography. He superbly captures the tiny details of life and his observations of character are truly enchanting, hilarious and poignant, particularly his friendship with Isabella Blow and his time on celebrity apprentice. 


Everett's honesty when dealing with loss as with the death of his father and that of Natasha Richardson is heart-breaking yet brutally honest. Combined with his ability to mock himself, his acting career and his friends which often provide laugh out loud moments, this is a surprising and beautifully written book. With his excellent ability at storytelling, we all thought Rupert Everett would make a great fiction writer. 

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