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A beautifully crafted thriller about people in love who watch each other as closely as spies.  




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280 pages

Our Friends in Berlin is a beautifully crafted spy thriller set in London’s Blitz years, spiced with a generous sprinkling of love interest, making it a perfect winter read – and leaving you wanting more.


Quinn gently entices the reader into Blackout London and its underworld of espionage, sabotage and treachery.  Inspired by true events Our Friends In Berlin is a story about deception and loyalty – and about people in love who watch each other as closely as spies.     


The author captures 1940s colloquial London with historical accuracy and period detail.The characters, especially our hero Jack Hoste, based on real-life MI5 agent Jack King, and his love interest Amy Stallen are thoroughly enjoyable and the scenes are beautifully drawn into a gripping read. 


As well as delivering on readability and enjoyment of a spookily different London and time in history, it gave us the chance to rekindle our own parents’ and grandparents’ stories of war-time. 


Readers will love and hate some of the characters in equal measure and just as you might expect in a great British spy drama, be prepared to doubt the characters, enjoy the plot twists and blunders.  It will get messy but Quinn makes sure you have loads of fun along the way!   


Why not also check out Kate Atkinson's novel Transcription (recommended by the Den) which is based on the same MI5 agent Jack King.  

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