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A totally absorbing, heart rendering immersive read
243 pages



Den scores


243 pages

Fancy a weekend away or an escape from your day job? Immerse yourself in Midwinter Break – a totally absorbing and heart rendering read about a retired couple’s winter weekend break to Amsterdam.


Bernard MacLaverty’s short novel quickly draws you into Gerry and Stella’s relationship. Without giving too much away, Stella has booked the weekend to make a life changing decision as a result of a trauma in their past growing up during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.


But running through this story is MacLaverty’s flawless attention to everyday details, capturing the idiosyncrasies of married life and the foibles of human behaviour. His visual observations are so recognisable some of us found it unnerving. 


From worrying about what tip to give, to the soap in the bathroom, to a check list of ailments - the familiarity of these inconsequential happenings enhance the book beautifully.  The shift in their relationship, which is brought to a head during this weekend away, is totally absorbing and a wonderful read. 

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