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ICE Breakers



Do you think Pino was able to justify the fact he worked for the Germans and do you think he had regrets that he didn’t choose to fight?
Do you think Pino was naïve in many of his judgements?
Knowing this is a true-life story, did you feel it was authentic?
There are moments when General Leyers seems to care about Pino – do you think Leyers trusted Pino?
Could Pino have done more to help Anna?
Were you surprised by the ending? Do you think Pino did the right thing?
In the Aftermath written by Sullivan, it seems Pino went on to lead a rather unsettled, eclectic life – do you think this was a consequence of what he went through and the decisions he made?



The book raises the question of homelessness. What points did Ray and Moth’s circumstances raise about how the homeless are depicted differently?
Did you empathise and admire the couple's brave adventure or did you find them foolish and irresponsible given Moth's prognosis.
Did you find this book an inspiring and uplifting tale of survival?
In some ways this is also a very frustrating book. How did such an independent and educated couple get into such financial straits? How were they not really supported by friends and family?
Would you have liked to read more descriptions of the scenic walk?
Do you know this stretch of coastline and if so, did this enhance your enjoyment of the book?
Did you enjoy Winn’s style of writing?
Winn’s next book, 'The Wild Silence', continues with their story. Are you keen to read about the next chapter in their lives?


Do you think or suspect the author Sarah Haywood has fused some of her own traits into this book?
Do you know people like Susan Green in your life, and how would you imagine them coping with such a scenario?
Given the sad circumstances that Susan has to face, why and how is it okay to laugh?
Susan is incredibly vexing and self-sabotaging - were you frustrated by her inability to see the damage she was causing?
Were you surprised by some of the twists and turns in the narrative?
Do you think living on your own for all that time, would make you become isolated from the real world and therefore more selfish in your view of life and other people?
How do you think we will all fair from our current experience of isolation?
Could you see a follow up story?


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