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ICE Breakers



Evelyn and Ulysses are united by the fact they have both only loved once? Could you understand the nature of their relationship? Were you surprised they were unable to love anyone else with the same strength?
To what extent was Sarah Winman inspired by E M Forster's 'A Room with a View' and did the novel elicit greater interest in Florence and Italy?
Do you think Evelyn is a good role model?
What did you make of Ulysses and Peg’s relationship?
Could you understand Peg's decision to give up her daughter?
Who was your favourite character and why?
This story is about a group of people making the best of their situation – what did you learn from this?
What do you think is the significance of Ulysses making globes for a living?
Rescuing art from the war and later floods was clearly important. Do you think it is important we value our treasures at all costs?
What did your book club get out of this book?



What do you think Coelho’s main message is to its readers?
Do you think this is a book for everyone, no matter your age?
Who do you listen to in life? Do you have dreams and omens?
Were you surprised by the discovery of his treasure? What is the significance of this?
Why is this such a thoughtful read and a popular 'traveller's novel' and who would you recommend it to the most?


How many of your book club know the work of Fi and Jane as broadcasters and ‘Fortunately’ podcasters?
What topic struck your group as the most talked about, the most entertaining and the most observant?
What good and bad hair decisions do you remember as a teenager and did any of Fi and Jane’s stories chime with you?
Do you think the workplace has changed enough compared to Fi and Jane’s own experience in their world of broadcasting?
Have you thought about advice you would give your teenage self? Or indeed to your own teens as they prepare to leave the nest?
Has this encouraged you to listen to more books or podcasts? Or is the written word the best?


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