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ICE Breakers



Why do you think Towles called the collection ‘Table for Two’?
Was this collection what you expected and how does the jacket match its narrative?
Was there a stand out story for you and which one surprised you the most?
Towles pays great attention to human flaws and it just takes one to affect the direction of opportunity or misfortune, as well as 'sliding door' moments. Do you think the author enjoys playing with the characters and was it entertaining to see their tales unfold?
Did you enjoy the novella 'Eve in Hollywood' and which character if any do you think understood Eve best? Have you met a character like Eve?
Do you think you need to read ‘Rules for Civility’ to appreciate ‘Eve in Hollywood’ and did it encourage you to re-read it?
Did you appreciate Towles as a short story writer and how does it compare to his novel writing?



Is this your first or second time reading ‘Brooklyn’. If it’s a re-read how did it compare to the first time you read the book?
Have you seen the film and how do you think it captured Tóibín’s world?
There are no major plot twists or dramas so how do you think Tóibín draws the reader into his story?
Were you frustrated by Eilis or could you appreciate her willingness to go along with what was expected of her?
Do you think both Eilis's family and Tony's family stifled her growth?
Did you have a preference of who Eilis ended up with?
Will your book club now read 'Long Island'?


Being the orphan of the family, did you feel sympathy for Cristabel and the way she was treated?
Do you think Quinn could have taken more risks with some of the relationships, such as Flossie and the German prisoner or Digby and Jean-Marc to add tension and friction or could you appreciate the cosiness of the relationships?
Do you think theatre, music and art are important in wartime?
Were you aware of how women secret agents were treated compared to their male counterparts?
Why do you think Willoughby faded out of the story?
Do you think some of the storylines could have been developed further?
How did you find Quinn’s style of writing?


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