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ICE Breakers



How much did you know about the war in Yugoslavia? Did this inspire you to read more about its history and do you think its break up was inevitable?
Is religion to blame for this war or was Yugoslavia's break up inevitable?
Do you think Zora was right to remain in Sarajevo and would you protect your home at any cost?
Did this novel provide you with a greater respect of displaced families in war and did you appreciate the author’s observations?
Was Zora’s art room an escape from the impending war or was it a canvas to reimagine her world?
Fight or flight? How do you think you would react to an impending siege of your home town?
Do you consider this novel a worthy Shortlisted novel for the Women's Prize for Fiction 2023? How does it compare to others in this year's category such as 'Trespasses', 'Demon Copperhead' and 'The Marriage Portrait'?
What makes a stand out novel in your book club and who would you put forward and why?



Which was your favourite story by Pedro Camacho and why?
Why do you think the author continues to use ‘Aunt’ every time he refers to Aunt Julia?
Do you think Mario and Aunt Julia were really in love? Why do you think Aunt Julia was drawn to Mario?
Mario’s friends are prepared to emotionally and financially help him and Aunt Julia to be together whatever the cost. Did you find this believable?
The radio serials start off quite clear but then grow in complexity. Were you able to follow the different characters re-appearing within the later episodes?
What do you think Vargos Llosa is saying about all types of writing?


Did you understand San’s feelings?
How does the flower shop setting add to the story?
Do you think such small moments of precious love can define a person’s life?
Have you watched the documentary Buena Vista Social Club and if so how did this enhance your understanding of San’s story?
What does this story tell you about being overlooked in an unforgiving society?
What do you think San climbing into the digger’s claws signifies?
What did your book club think of the ending of this story and how did it make you feel?
Do you think this story has an autobiographical feel to it?


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