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ICE Breakers



Were you familiar with the Helen of Troy story and the Trojan Wars before embarking on this novel? Is this helpful?
Did this book divide your book club, as it did in the Den!?
Did you enjoy the 3 voices running through the novel and who was your favourite character?
Do you think the cursed families could have avoided their fate?
Why do you think the author did not give Helen a prominent voice in the story?
How does 'Elektra' compare to Saint's debut novel 'Ariadne'?
Have you read any other historical novels like 'Elektra 'such as 'A Thousand Ships' by Natalie Haynes or 'Circe' by Madeleine Miller? What was your favourite and why?
Jennifer Saint was a Classics teacher before endeavouring to write this novel. How do think this has affected her writing style and the overall narrative?



Have any of your book club read ‘A Room with a View’ before and how was this enjoyed for the first time or as a re-reading?
Merchant-Ivory’s film adaptation was award winning. Has your group seen the film and how closely did it accurately remain true to Forster’s characterisation?
Described as 'a comedy of manners' is this only relevant for the period in which it was written or do you think as readers we can still appreciate the satire without wincing from our modern optics?
Do you think social boundaries still exist?
How would a modern day Lucy deal with a George and would family and friends interfere with a relationship that seemed unsuitable?
Given travel has been limited over the last few years, was this a welcome read and has it made you reconsider where and how you might travel in the future?
If you have read ‘Still Life’ which novel did you prefer and why?


Have you read many comic/graphic books before and if not, how did you find the reading experience?
How do you think the black and white comic strip images add to the story?
Did this memoir give you a different perspective on this period of history as the author hopes it will?
What do you think hearing the story through the eyes of an intelligent child year-old gives to the story?
Were you surprised at how courageous the family were and how they continued to express their views?
Why do you think Satrapi’s parents didn’t leave when everyone else does?
Who do you think are the heroes of this story?
Satrapi’s last words to their daughter at the airport are ‘Don’t forget who you are and where you come from?’ Do you think this memoir has kept this promise?


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