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ICE Breakers



Why do think Lily is able to brush Ryle’s abusive behaviour aside and to what extent to do you think her parents relationship impacted her choices?
Did you feel sorry for Lily or were you frustrated by her and did your opinion change as the novel developed?
What do you think of Lily’s letters to Ellen - is this an effective literary devise?
Do you think it is a good idea to keep a diary? Have you ever been found out?
Do you recognise how you might fall for Ryle?
How do you feel about Lily’s final decision and what were the driving forces that would have guided her?
Do you think this novel was written with a film in mind and do you think this will be better than the Netflix release?
Has it encouraged you to read more novels by Hoover, did you read the sequel and do you have a favourite?



Did you enjoy the introduction of Mervyn and do you think he will join the gang in future adventures?
Were you surprised about Abrahim’s past and his revelations to Connie?
How well do you think Osman handled Stephen’s dementia and how did your book club feel about his plans?
Were you surprised by Joyce’s ability to step up and channel her ‘Inner Elizabeth’?
Were you able to crack the murder mystery and the 'last devil to die'? Were you right?
How does Osman's latest novel compare to the other books in the series and do you have a favourite?


What did you think of Park’s style of writing?
How aware were you of what life in North Korea is really like and how did Park’s memoir give you a better understanding of what it is like to be always starving?
The underlying theme of dictatorship is that it prevents the concept of critical thinking? Do you agree and how is this illustrated in Park’s memoir?
Park says the only love North Koreans knew was the love for their ‘Dear Leader’. They never understood romantic love. Can you understand this notion?
Park argues that under a dictatorship and with sub-standard education, humans don’t inherently know right from wrong? Do you think this is true?
There are inconsistencies in Park’s story – did you notice any and why do you think this might be?
On reaching South Korea, Park says “It amazed me how quickly a lie loses its power in the face of truth” – do you agree with statement?
Overall, how did this memoir make you feel?


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