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ICE Breakers



Were you impressed at how many setbacks Everett had to overcome to make a film?
Were you surprised that Everett kept going against the odds and why do you think he was able to pull it off?
Is tenacity as important as talent in the acting world?
Have you seen 'The Happy Prince?'. Did you enjoy it and what impact did this have on your enjoyment of the book?
Why do you think Everett gets away with being such a gossip?
Did this book make you appreciate the work which goes into making any feature film?



‘Seven Days of Us’ is a comic drama. Given the 2020 pandemic was this still amusing and entertaining to read?
Were you able to relate to the Birch family quarantine? How does it compare to your own experiences of lockdown?
What makes this read relevant but still entertaining?
What relationships resonated with you? The sibling rivalry between Olivia and Phoebe? Emma & Andrew? Jesse and George?
If this was adapted for the screen who would play the lead roles?
Who would you recommend this book to and why?


If you grew up in a household where the ‘game’ was background ‘telly’ noise do you remember the Liverpool red shirts. Are you in a football family? And how nostalgic and enjoyable was this book for you?
Do you have any personal football stories and does it divide or unite your family and friends?
There is an increasing fascination of the team behind the scenes - ‘Ted Lasso’ and ‘All or Nothing’ about Mourinho. The manager is typically loved or vilified. What makes a great manager and what can we learn from these portrayals?
Quinn signposts you to Klopp footage on You Tube. Did this book want you to find out more about the manager? Did you find a different Klopp? Has it changed your opinion on other manager leaders?
Sport can often provide inspiration to individuals, teams and businesses. What makes Klopp a winning manager? What lessons can be drawn and learnt?
Quinn gives us an insight on how he creatively introduces his real life heroes into his fiction such as Reiner Werther Kloss in Eureka? Have you seen this in other novels by other authors? Has this book inspired you to read Quinn’s novels.
Would you recommend this book to your football family and friends?


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