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ICE Breakers



In an interview, Taffy Brodesser-Akner says she drew inspiration for this book when she saw so many of her friends going through divorce but had not seen it coming?  Can you empathise to the struggles the Fleishman family are suffering?

Rachel does not appear to be an instantly likeable person.  Were you able to relate to Rachel and do you think she deserves her defence at the end?

Why do you think Brodesser-Akner uses Libby as a narrator? 

Why do you think Brodesser-Akner is able to tap into the male psyche so successfully?  Do you think her experience working on a men’s magazines has given her a unique perspective?

Brodesser-Akner has been compared to Philip Roth?  Would you agree with this analogy? 

Do you think it is harder for women to start afresh in terms of dating after a divorce?

Did you enjoy Brodesser-Akner’s style of writing – did it make you laugh?

What do you think is the overriding message of this book?



How did you feel about reading this novel in your book club? 

What were you feeling towards Lale as the narrator?  Did it change as the story developed? 

We know this novel is based on a true story. Did you feel this was an accurate account of the camp and did Lale's ‘love-story’ seem appropriate?  

In what way was Lale a hero? And in what way was he an ordinary man?

How did Gita’s choices affect her survival? And Cilka’s?  

Has the novel changed your perception of the Holocaust. And what do you think Lale wants us to have learned from sharing his story? 

friday black


What do you think are the central themes running through the different stories?

Do you think the author successfully counterbalances the violence with the humanity of his writing?

Do you think these stories are an extreme yet true reflection of today’s society?

Did you find this writer’s work fresh and unique?

Were you able to find humour amongst the darkness?

Which story had the most impact personally for you?

Do you agree that Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah is an important young writer for our times?

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