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ICE Breakers

The Strawberry thief

Book Of The MOMENT

Why do you think Vianne instantly feels threatened by Morgane Dubois and what does this say about village life?

Why do you think Narcisse and Father Reynaud can’t ever really escape their guilt?

How do you think Harris portrays the balance of giving children freedom and protection as they grow up? 

How much did you empathise with Vianne and the challenges of 'letting her children go'?

How do you think this book compares to the others in this series about the village of Lansquenet-sous-Tannes?

Why do you think tattoos have become such a rite of passage?



This book has been described by one literary critic as ‘A Dr Zhivago for the Far East’. Do you agree?

The Den loved this book because the writing is so seductive and provides an informative narrative about the country and this period, without bombarding you with all the facts - do you agree with this statement?  Did you gain an insight into the history of Burma and Malaya over this period of immense change?

Did you find it easy to warm to all the characters?

What do you think Dinu would make of Burma’s political situation now?

Do you think Ghosh tries to cover too much ground in his novel and rush to a conclusion?

Does this book make you want to visit Burma?



The language is raw and poetic and echoes the reinvention of dialects within the differing communities.  What does this tell you about life on the London estates?

Both Nelson and Caroline are haunted by memory. What impact does this have on their lives?

Do you feel that Gunaratne feels there is a return to racism and lack of acceptance within society, together with the danger of extremism within?  Is this an important message within the book?

How realistic a portrayal of estate life do you think this book is? Did it give you an insight you weren't aware of and do you think it successfully captures the street?

Would you have liked some of the characters to be developed more?

Did you think this book gives hope?

Due to the 'musical' nature of the language, would you agree this would be a good book to listen to on audio?

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