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ICE Breakers


Book Of The MOMENT

At what point did Tara Westover’s access to an education change her and allow her to lead the life she now has?

Tara Westover makes the point that memory is fallible and whose memory should be listened to?  Does this make you question the accuracy of some of her accounts or even doubt they ever happened or do you see her memory as her perspective?

Are you able to empathise at all with her parents and their views?

Tara Westover makes a point at the beginning of the book that this story is not about Mormonism.  Where does religion fit into the story?

Tara constantly refers to the mountain - “I was that mountain”. Why do you think the mountain is so important to Tara?

Are you surprised that such an extreme life can be lived in modern day America?

Do you believe Tara Westover is reconciled with her decision not to see her parents or do you think that despite her education she still needs and misses her family?

If you have watched any of the interviews with Tara Westover, were you surprised by how grounded she appeared?



How important was it that Don was 'different' in setting up this unusual dating questionnaire?

Do you know characters who are socially awkward, like Don? And who does he remind you of in life and in literature (eg Forrest Gump, Eleanor Oliphant etc)?

Would you be offended if your 'single' self was asked to complete the test? Did you try it (see back of novel)? If yes, were you compatible with Don? And if you could devise a questionnaire what would you list as make or break topics and criteria for your ideal match?   

How suitable were Rosie and Don in reality? 

What did you think of the other characters and their relationships in the novel, notably Claudia and Gene?

Knowing there is more material for a further two books - how do you think it will play out?

Sony bought the rights for this film in 2014 but Jennifer Lawrence and the director walked out on talks. A film is still in the pipeline but who would you cast for the roles of Don and Rosie?  




How do you think the author develops believable characters in only a few pages? 

The style of writing is uniquely structured – what impact does this have on the reader and did you find it easy to read?

How do you think the author is able to balance pain and bitterness with humour and positivity?

Did this give you a different insight into the age of austerity?

Was this book what you expected it to be?

Do you think the book was written out of frustration and anger?

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