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Immerse yourself in this remarkable and lyrical story about a young girl growing up alone in the wild beauty of the North Carolina marshlands. Written by Delia Owens, 'When The Crawdads Sing' is a superb debut novel from this wildlife scientist who is clearly at one with her gripping story.

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368 pages

Immerse yourself in the mysterious, wild beauty of the North Carolina marshlands in this absorbing and magnetic story of Kya Clark, a young girl who grows up alone in this remote wilderness and yet finds herself accused of a serious crime. The Den is sure you can’t fail to be moved by this remarkable debut novel from Delia Owens – 9/10 from everyone and one of the Den's Dozen - our top twelve reads.

Aged only 6, Kya finds herself abandoned by her elder siblings and mother who are unable to cope with their drunken, depressed father, before he too ups and leaves. Growing up alone, she survives by establishing a rare and special bond with the nature surrounding her. The nearby small town are intrigued and fearful of this wild and beautiful young woman whom they name 'the marsh girl'. As Kya reaches adolescence, she yearns for company and love so when two young men enter her life, she is intrigued and allows herself to be manipulated and hurt with devastating consequences.

Delia Owens is a wildlife scientist and her love of nature shines through this novel. This is a magical read and the Den enjoyed the lyrical descriptions. You feel and breathe the marshlands with Kya and are on tender hooks as the gripping story unfolds, mesmerised by this compelling heroine. Nothing below a 9/10 in the Den. Only downside - it ended too abruptly for some!

'Where The Crawdads Sing' has been a number one bestseller since 2018 and filming has already begun after the rights were unsurprisingly bought by Reese Witherspoon. Seems to be making its way into book clubs for a reason so worth your consideration as a Missed Opportunity. We loved it.

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