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A jaw dropping bestseller read about a criminal justice system in crisis by 'The Secret Barrister'.

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343 pages

‘The Secret Barrister’ is a jaw dropping read and makes a fascinating book club choice examining a criminal justice system in crisis. Published in 2018, this book is an award winning non-fiction bestseller and remains relevant as ever as budgets for the court system are cut and crime remains on the increase, currently 10 per cent higher compared to 2020.

Written anonymously ‘The Secret Barrister’ brings enlightening insights and is a first hand critique of the legal system as seen from a junior barrister’s perspective whose experiences from the early days at the bar result in an invaluable and honest account with stories of the law and how it’s broken.

The author of ‘The Secret Barrister’ had been clogging up twitter, blogging and writing newspaper columns prior to the release of the book and it wasn’t long before these experiences were crafted into an award winning No 1 bestseller. Clearly horrified at the disconnect between the justice system and the people who own it, ‘The Secret Barrister’ sets out to explain the history of the legal system, how and why it was set up, and by doing so addresses the knowledge gap covering the myths and misconception of a sector that remains a mystery for many of us.

Whether you have experiences of the legal system or not, this book is a brilliant starting point to see how it works and how you can play a role to call politicians out or at least help you to become more informed.

And if your book club are already ahead, consider ‘Nothing But The Truth - The Memoir of an Unlikely Lawyer' (currently in hardback, coming in paperback soon!).

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