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Beautiful winter read

340 pages




Den scores



340 pages

Page one and you are there.


We loved this book, it is such a heartening story to come out of tragedy and so beautifully observed. If you have ever lost some one close it will strike a chord. If you have a strong family unit or conversely a dysfunctional one, you will be affected. 


Set in a poor rural community in Ontario, Crow Lake, tells the story of a young orphaned family, their devastating memories of trauma and their survival tactics which are presented against the natural landscape of their home which is beautiful and fragile, harsh and unkind. 


You can feel the heartache of the four siblings desperate to remain together and the compassion of their neighbours who seek to help them believe they cannot only survive as a family unit but also achieve their dreams and ambitions. 


Out of tragedy and the characters's own paths there are plenty of life observations and learnings which became talking points in our den.  Family versus ambition versus self worth, nature versus nurture.


You will find your own story in this book. What's more - an easy escape when the day job seems relentless.    

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