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ICE Breakers


Book Of The MOMENT

How believable is the relationship between Paul and Susan and what did you think the outcome would be?   
What did you notice about the narrative's style, moving from first to second to third person? How did this affect the story-telling? 

How does The Only Story compare to other similar affairs of the heart in novels, film, news etc? 

Does this novel feel like the author's own story? What makes this novel so compelling?

Would this generational relationship be more acceptable now?  



How likely is it that a wealthy English woman would fall for a young troubled school boy?

Why do you think the author wrote the novel in the 2nd person?

Montpelier Parade has been described as a love story? Do you agree? 

Like in The Only Story, this relationship is doomed - do you think a relationship like this can ever be sustained?

Do  you think someone in Sonny's situation will always make the wrong decisions? 

Where do think the story-line could go next? 



What added impact does the novel have by being told through the eyes of Nathan Zuckerman as narrator?

Why is Coleman Silk such an intriguing character?

By denying his own racial identity, how does this make the accusations against Coleman Silk appear and do you feel this makes him responsible for his own downfall?

What do you think it says about society that none of Coleman Silk's colleagues outwardly support him?

Why do you think Coleman Silk falls for someone seemingly uneducated and sad?

There are so many themes running through this book – which did you find the most powerful and why?

Do you think things have changed since the late 1990’s? 

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