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It may feel like it's time to bunker down but make sure you let some light into your den this November for this month's 3 Bright Ideas. Our Book of the Moment is the latest true and gripping story of the most infamous castle in WW2 history. Our Missed Opportunity is a bitter sweet masterpiece screening on Netflix this month but a novel we wanted to return to as it remains a must-read book club choice. Alternatively, The Den presents a 'warrior' story of a different kind for its Wild Card selection - in which Soldier, a new mother, battles with the highs and lows of parenthood. Funny, honest and relatable. All 3 books are destined to shine a light on your November.



It's also the time of year to consider your Christmas lists! Why not browse our library and create your own personalised Reading Den Book Box which make fabulously thoughtful gifts - with or without our help. Boxes start at £35 for 3 great reads or £60 for 6 books. They arrive beautifully wrapped with the Den's unique tote bag, reviews and Ice Breaker questions. 

- for people who love books - 

How to buy and support the Den ...

1. Select and buy your books on our site via the link below

2. On check out pick your choice of book shop

This way you are supporting us and your favourite local book shop.

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