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All is not what it seems this month as the Den selects its 3 Bright Ideas for November shining a light on novel narratives and tales of the unexpected. Our Book of the Moment is an epic adventure spanning continents, timelines and war, whilst our Missed Opportunity, newly published after 50 years of neglect, is a tense page turner of deception and survival. Alternatively we have a magical Wild Card novel by a much loved author. Definitely time to enjoy 'Staying in in in'! 

- for people who love books - 

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It's also the time of year to consider your Christmas lists! Why not browse our library and create your own personalised Reading Den Book Box which make fabulously thoughtful gifts - with or without our help. Boxes start at £35 for 3 great reads or £55 for 6 books. They arrive beautifully wrapped with the Den's unique review and Ice Breaker questions. Full details here.

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