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3 Bright Ideas

This month The Reading Den takes you on 3 incredible journeys of survival, enlightenment and enthralling entertainment. Our Book of the Moment is The Lincoln Highway, the highly anticipated new novel by Amor Towles which doesn't fail to disappoint. Our Missed Opportunity is Salt to the Sea, a touching and beautiful WW2 story about a lesser known maritime disaster. And our Wild Card choice, Station Eleven is a book club favourite that is thought provoking and uncannily ahead of its time.  


All 3 Bright Ideas promise to take you on a highway to reading heaven!

- for people who love books - 

Christmas Gift Bag - £20

The Reading Den has created a coveted Christmas gift for people who love books. With every purchase of 'The Lincoln Highway' we will gift you our exclusive natural free-trade tote bag - all beautifully wrapped together with the Den's unique book club review and Ice Breaker questions. To order click here.


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