This 2017 Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction tells the remarkable journey of one young woman’s escape from working on a southern cotton plantation in Georgia to try and make a new life in the north. The story is brutal but totally inspirational.
The assumption would be that ordinary people aren’t interesting, but Anne Tyler keeps us wonderfully absorbed with this short but thoroughly enjoyable tale about just that – a gem of a read for a lazy weekend.
‘The Enchanted April’ brings together four very different women looking to escape dreary London for the sunshine. Each independently take up the offer of an advertisement in the Times newspaper.

‘To those who appreciate Wisteria and sunshine. Small medieval castle to be let for the month of April’.

As summer departs September always feels like a fresh start and chance to recap and catch up, so welcome back! 

The Reading Den has been busy reading over the summer and has picked 3 contrasting and enticing Bright Ideas for you and your book club. For paperback fans, our Book of the Moment is The Testaments, a much loved and deservedly hyped novel of 2019 by Margaret Atwood which is out in this format from 1st September - hooray! For those who missed out on their Spanish break we discovered Berta Isla by Javier Marías, a beautifully observed story of love which starts and is rooted in Spain. Our Wild Card choice is Men Without Women by Haruki Murakami, a collection of imaginative short stories by this well regarded Japanese writer. We may have missed the Olympics but this is a great slice of Japanese life. 

Send your great reads of the summer with us at info@thereadingden.co.uk.

Love Anne & Jenny

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