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ICE Breakers

THe aftermath

Book Of The MOMENT

Did you find Rachael a likeable character and could you empathise with her?

What did it make you feel, seeing this period of history played out in Hamburg within a defeated Germany?

Why do you think it is possible for Lewis to be willing to share his space and domestic life with the enemy, whilst for Rachael it was betrayal in the utmost form?

The book raises many complex questions about grief, suffering, betrayal alongside hope and forgiveness but ultimately politics and history win the day – do you agree?

Lewis is an idealist, Rachael is a realist – how does this affect the events?

Edmund and Frieda also misunderstand each other but do you see hope in their more youthful relationship?

What do you think Brook’s message is about this period of mistrust?

In what way do you think the title of the novel The Aftermath captures the various fallouts of post war?



This book has a unique construction – what impact did you think this has on the novel and did it enhance your enjoyment of it?

How does the speed of Ursula’s different lives in the first few chapters affect you?

Did this novel make you think about the “what ifs” and different paths your own life could have taken?

As a reader you invest in a particular story of Ursula to then have it suddenly end in darkness – what impact does this have on you? 

Did you find Atkinson’s recreation of the Blitz enlightening?

How do you think Atkinson is able to make each life portrayed feel so real?



How easy was it to follow the epistolary format?  Did you like it?  

How central was The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society in the novel? 

Who was the leading female character – Elizabeth or Juliet?  

How was love and intrigue developed in the story-line? 

Did you enjoy the literary references?  

The original manuscript for this novel was written by Mary Ann Shaffer and due to ill health finished by her niece Annie Barrows.   Does it feel collaborative?    

How does this novel compare to other similar WW2 novels?  

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