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This Boyd classic is an entertaining and memorable read and for fans of the author - one of his best! Written as a collection of diaries belonging to Logan Montstuart, the novel looks back at the twentieth century through the fictional writer's extraordinary life.    

503 pages



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503 pages

"Never say you know the last word about any human heart." – Henry James


Any Human Heart by William Boyd is a wonderful book club read and makes the perfect ‘missed opportunity’ novel. It’s the book that Boyd fans will refer back to as one of their favourites and as fans of his work in the Den we can see why. 


Presented through a collection of diaries belonging to the fictional character Logan Montstuart, the novel, first published in the new millennium (date?), looks back at the twentieth century through Logan’s extraordinary life. 


The diaries take the reader on Logan’s personal journey crossing continents and war zones, from London to Paris to Africa, the Bahamas and New York, seamlessly bumping into artists and famous figures– including Evelyn Waugh, Virginia Woolf, Hemingway and Picasso, the Duke & Duchess of xx to name but a few. 


Written in the first person, Boyd effortlessly leads the reader into Logan’s world and even if you don’t agree with his decisions, his politics or behaviour, as the years roll by, you can’t help but fall in love with his care-free lust for life and adventure – with his friends, family and women.  


As we head towards the next decade, ‘Any Human Heart’, is more than just a Boyd classic. It is not only an entertaining read with plenty of discussion points in book clubs, but is a beautiful and touching story of the human heart. 


Expect high scores!

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