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Sex, Lies, Politics & A Murder Plot!
340 pages



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340 pages

Sex, lies, politics and a murder plot make up this wonderful book by John Preston. For those of us old enough to remember this political scandal that dominated the news in the '70s about Jeremy Thorpe MP this is an excellent and intriguing story of scandal. Also adapted for TV and brilliantly played out by Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw (2018). Excuse for book clubs to indulge in either or both. 


Enter a charismatic, highly educated and charming MP and then Leader of the Liberal Party, Jeremy Thorpe.  An ideal leader to take the party from obscurity to the forefront of politics. But beneath this flamboyant personality was the hidden side of his life, a homosexual, illegal at the time and therefore unable to come out for fear of his career. Like many before and after him, we learn about the ruthless lengths he went to with various colleagues to stop this side of his life from entering the public domain. 


With the ongoing tide of sexual allegations in politics and public life, it remains poignant and relevant.  The key to this story is that John Preston has written it as a page-turner with dramatic dialogue and tension.  And you are left thinking that the lengths MPs go to cover up their misdemeanours probably hasn’t changed.

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