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April doesn't have to be the cruelest month! 

Looking for a much needed distraction? A good book can be the perfect antidote. 


Our Book of the Moment, Hamnet is one of those novels that can be appreciated by so many - Shakespeare lovers, history enthusiasts and escapists. We also recommend a classic (always an ideal 'go-to' when we want to get away from the right here right now) and Ali Smith's Spring, the third in her sensational seasonal quartet, which is now in paperback, completes our Bright Ideas for April. 


Our newsletter is free, so if you think someone would benefit from our monthly 3 hand-picked choices or our library of previous bright ideas please point them in the direction of our the website or follow us on Instagram or Fackbook.  We have over 350 book clubbers in the Den so you don't have to start a conversation around the V word! Make it begin with your favourite reads!

And if you can't get your book delivered to you home try audible or download on your iPad or phone.  


We have plenty of choices on the horizon which we look forward to sharing with you. Until then, keep safe and let's start a different conversation!


Love Anne and Jenny

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