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After ten years, Olive Again marks the return of the fictional character and book of the same name Olive Kitteridge which was a Pulitzer Prize Winning novel as well as a popular TV mini-series. Written by Elizabeth Strout, Olive Again takes the reader back to coastal Maine revisiting the touching human stories of ‘small town life’ in this wonderful collection which Olive, the cranky retired school teacher headlines the narrative and sometimes passes through as an insightful, blunt, observer!


Praised for her wonderful ability to effortlessly capture human nature and the exploration of the individual through her cast of characters, Strout picks up on Olive’s world in the autumn of her life with new relationships and new challenges of her circumstance and age. 


It’s a breeze to read and every word, observation and commentary comes with an inner compassion and perception. ‘in February… if you really looked. You could how at the end of each day the world seemed cracked open and the extra light made its way across the stark trees and promised. It promised, that light, and what a thing that was. As Cindy lay on her bed she could see this even now, the gold of the last light opening the world.’


It might make you sad – because it explores ‘end of life’ scenarios. It might remind you of your own family circumstances or it might make you enjoy Olive’s freedom of expression.  Simply saying it how it is! 


Love or hate your book club should relish this book club read.  

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