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ICE Breakers



Do you think it is possible that people can live such an unnoticed life in today’s society?
Why could Dot confide in other people, but not her children?
How different would Jeanie’s life have been without her heart diagnosis?
Why do you think Julius still lived at home? Were you frustrated by his apathy?
Did you like the ending and how did it make you feel?
This book deals with being an outcast - Did this remind you of any other books – for example 'Educated', 'Where the Crawdads Sing'?
Do you think it is possible to live in a world of rural isolation with no mobile phones and no TVs?
What do you think Fuller is trying to tell us about how we treat marginal lives?



How would you describe Ryan’s style of writing and what elements did you enjoy?
How successfully do you think Ryan explores the themes of racial and class differences? Did you find Paddy and Kit’s acceptance of their subservient role realistic?
What message do you think Ryan is trying to give in Joshua’s re-written bible story?
What are the different kinds of love Ryan explore?
Have you read any other books by Donal Ryan and if so how do they compare?
What role does religion play for each character?


Had you heard about this story before reading ‘Red Notice’?
Do you think Bill Browder was right to take on Russian oligarchs at this time?
What experiences, if any, have your group had with the Soviet Union and other communist regimes before, during and after their break up?
Did what happened to Sergei Magnitsky surprise you or not?
Did anyone in the group research the Youtube ‘ feature ‘Hermitage reveals Russian police Fraud’?
What aspects of Browder’s story interested you and the group most?
Would you recommend it to other book clubs?


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