ICE Breakers



How did you find this sequel, compared to 'The Handmaid’s Tale'? Did it live up to your expectations?
Aunt Lydia is a complex character. Why do you think she wants to bring down Gilead when she has achieved such a position of power?
Do you think Agnes and her friend Becka are the unlikely heroines of this story?
Why do you think Gilead made “baby Nicole” such an icon and poster girl for their cause?
'The Handmaid’s Tale' has become a beacon for political demonstrations, particularly against Trump. Do you think 'The Testaments' will share such a political impact and why do you think Atwood felt compelled to write this sequel?
Do you think the witness testimonies have relevance to what is going on around the world today, and how does this make you feel?
Did you feel this novel gave the reader hope that women’s voices can’t be kept silent forever and powerless women can turn history around?



Do you think it believable that Tomás would have not have tried to prove his innocence in Oxford?
Do you think that Tomás could have opted out of being a spy earlier on in his life?
Were you surprised that Berta remained so self-contained about Tomás's life choice?
Do you think people are still recruited at Oxford and Cambridge for espionage work today?
Do you think Marías is asking us if the sacrifice Tomás and Berta made were worth it?
What did you think of Marías's style of writing? Did you find the prose convoluted or do you think his wordiness added to the story?


Which was your favourite story and why?
Do you think there is something existential about each story?
Did this collection provide a greater appreciation of Japanese culture and society?
Do you think these stories are modern interpretations of today’s lonely society and with the current experiences of isolation, do they now have an added impetus?
Did you think some of the stories ended too abruptly?
What continual themes did you discover in the stories?
What do you think these stories tell us about the modern man?
Do you think that the women are more powerful than the men in these stories?