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Set during the US Great Depression of the 1930s this is a riveting story of courage and determination to keep going against the odds for the people you love.

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448 pages

A riveting rollercoaster of a read, Kristin Hannah’s engrossing story follows one woman’s fight to survive the devastating Great Depression suffered by the American farming community working the Great Plains in the 1930s. A heart-breaking story of courage and determination to keep going against the odds for the people you love.

The Den don’t want to give too much away, suffice to say the story follows the life of Elsa and her family during the harrowing period of the Great Depression also known as the Dust Bowl Era in Texas during the 1930s. It was a time when families were left with the agonising decision of whether to leave their failing livelihoods working the land in search of a better life in California – the land of hope and dreams.

Hannah guides us through this distressing period of history when the drought took hold, the fields dried out and the frightening dust storms ravaged the land leaving families poverty stricken and fearful for their lives. Should Elsa fight to stay on the land she loves and has known all her life, or go west before it is too late?

'The Four Winds' is a wonderful story of human survival and bravery. A compelling read that should leave your book club on the edge of your seats!

Although this is the first of Hannah’s books that the Den have read, she is an international bestseller whose other works include ‘The Nightingale’ which has been made into a movie for future release and ‘Firefly Lane’ which premiered on Netflix.

A perfect book club page turner read for your half term break!

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