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ICE Breakers


Book Of The MOMENT

Do you think Karamat has sold out on his faith to climb the political ladder?

Do you think Parvaiz is naïve or just vulnerable?  

To what extent did Kamila Shamsie open your eyes to the dilemmas British Muslim families face and did it surprise you?  

Would the outcome of the story be different if the children were not orphaned?

Do you think it is harder for British Muslims who choose to maintain their faith versus those who try to blend in or do you think it is possible to achieve both?

Compare the impact of their fathers on their sons and does a privileged Muslim upbringing and power make choices easier or harder?

A Little LIFE

Missed Opportunity 

The title A Little Life suggests an individual's life is very small - is life meaningful and do you think the four main characters believe their lives are significant? 
How does Jude's illness affect his friends' relationship between each other?

How did you cope with the vivid descriptions of physical abuse?  Were there times when you had to stop reading? 

Do you agree that happiness and fulfilment can not achieved through wealth and success? 

How significant is the absence of women, given that it's written by a female author?  



What were your initial observations about Mr Smith?  Were you convinced by ‘his story’?  

How powerful were women in the New World order and how important were they in Golden Hill’s story? 

Who was your favourite character and why? 

Which ‘twist’ did you not expect?  

What author/novel did this book remind you of, if any?

How does the author keep us on tender hooks until the end?

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