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Over the years we have found some authors work really well in guaranteeing enjoyable book club reads.  A bit of adventure (Boyd), a touch of wry humour (Bennett), a satisfying classic (Hemingway) or a simply a modern classic (Sebastian Faulks and Ian McEwan).  Here is our shopping list of authors to consider.   

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William Boyd is one of our favourite authors, and once again we loved this book.  In Sweet Caress, the idea of a narrative evolving around a collection of photographs truly captured our imagination and we believed it.  Boyd uses unconnected photos tracing the 1920s to transport us into his heroine's world and suddently we are witnessing Amory Clay's life unfold. 


There are so many Margaret Atwood books to choose from.  Hag-Seed is a fabulous book, funny, moving and extremely inventive.  The only reservation being that you need to have read or seen The Tempest to gain the most from this book - which is why it would be a Wild Card choice.

293 pages

450 pages


Sebastian Faulks is an undeniably great British novelist of our time.  So every club should make time to read one of his books.  We chose A Week in December.


A Week in December starts with a guest list for a political dinner party in Notting Hill.  You’ll need to keep track of the characters (of which there are many!).  So, not a book to be read on a Kindle.


Our favourites by Ian McEwan include On Chesil Beach (top ten), Enduring Love and Atonement. Any of his books are worth a read and Solar is no exception. 


A dark and funny novel about a philandering physicist who wants to save his marriage and his career. 

390 pages
390 pages



As with many of our favourite authors, they are always more special when they absorb you in a country or period of history you no nothing about.  Half of a Yellow Sun is no exception as this stunning book follows the lives of five main characters during the Biafra Nigeria civil war of 1967-70

433 pages


Alan Bennett is in our opinion, the master of everyday observations, wit and humour and we have all enjoyed so many of his books, plays and theatrical productions. 


The Uncommon Reader is a total gem, and with the royals back in fashion (again) thanks to Netflix's The Crown and a royal wedding, this book never loses its charm.


120 pages



Renowned as the best American novel to emerge from WW1, A Farewell to Arms is a classic Hemingway that is a real treat for any book club.

Having served as a Red Cross ambulance driver in Italy where he was himself severely injured and witness to the harrowing outcomes of trench warfare, Hemingway crafts an unforgettable story.

332 pages


A beautiful poetic and visual book from an author of the moment

Ali Smith is an award winning, highly imaginative and poetic writer of the moment, whose books are a fantastic and easy read for any book club.


Autumn is the first in a series of four novels reflecting the seasonal changes and Britain's mood.


Beautifully written, with strong visual and literary references that will definitely appeal to Lit chicks.  

260 pages
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